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This collection of items related to the history of the Beaver Valley, in Beaver Township, Columbia County, Pennsylvania, consists of three sub-collections of postcards, books, and maps.  Postcards and maps are described/catalogued both as digital facsimiles and in reference to the original.  Books are described/catalogued only in reference to the original, as they are still under copyright and fair use only permits reproducing a small portion of each text.

All items are catalogued/categorized using the Dublin Core schema. Controlled vocabulary for metadata elements are drawn from Library of Congress Subject Headings, the Getty Art & Architecture Thesaurus, and the DCMI Type Vocabulary, where appropriate. I have also begun a public folksonomy-based tagging system for all items.

Like items can be identified by clicking on subject tracings or tags. I have also included the ability to automatically click through to search major digital repositories, such as the DPLA, Google Books, etc. for like items based on the primary subject tracing.

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Recently Added Items

Map of Columbia Co. PA

Map of Columbia Co. PA

Map of Columbia County in 1911, including Beaver Township.

Columbia County Two Hundred Years Ago

Columbia County Two Hundred Years Ago - Cover

Early history of Columbia County, Pennsylvania written for the Bicentennial. Contains descriptions of the early settlement of Beaver Township.

The Way Things Were

The Way Things Were - Cover

Memoir of Ruby Davis Cook, describing her childhood in central Pennsylvania, including her early years growing up in Beaver Township.